Blog What?

14 03 2009

I am quite blown away by the blogging world.  A few weeks ago I didn’t read any blogs.  I started out reading a few blogs by my friends and then with curiosity explored a bit further to see what other bloggers actually write about.  And because bloggers love referring to other blogs that they’ve been reading, I find that the more I read blogs, the more blogs I read.

Apart from journal type blogs, I have been reading instructional blogs on home management, knitting, gardening, parenting, and lots more.  The wealth of information out there is astounding.  But to be honest it is mostly like reading a magazine.  You have to trawl through lots of stuff you already know, don’t care to know, and advertisements for stuff you never knew you needed to know. 

So reading blogs is like reading a magazine.  That’s fine, I’ll grab a cuppa and read a few posts each day.  I might learn something, I might not.   That’s ok, it’s relaxing and enjoyable.

But the kind of blogs I truly gain from, really learn something from, are going to be my friends journal blogs.  What a wonderful way of keeping in touch with each other.  If you are one of my blogging friends please keep it up.  I don’t care about the quality of the writing or the quality of the content.  I care about you.  Because the more I know about what you are doing, the more I know you, and the more I can encourage you, pray for you and love you. 

So after pondering the thought of topical blogging, I have thrown it aside.  I don’t want hundreds of strangers to read what I write.  I want my friends to read it.  It won’t be educational.  It probably won’t even be interesting.  But it will be me.  Just me and the stuff I do.




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25 03 2009

Hey Cat! Welcome to the BlOG world 🙂 I have subscribed to the RSS feed and look forward to reading your posts! Just make sure the coffee is good. Blessings

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