Ben’s First Fifty

8 04 2009

Over the last few months Ben (17 mths) has been saying a few new words every week.  At 17 months he is currently going through  a language explosion.  His ability to communicate excites him and he is keen to learn.

I wanted to share this list, firstly because I think it shows a bit about Ben’s personality and passions; and also as a record, because as fascinating as it is to me now, these things will probably be quickly forgotten as he grows up.

He says Real word
‘ere is Here it is / There it is
byey bye
dog dog
ball ball
inish finished
mummy mummy
daddy daddy
shoe shoes
rai rain
more more
boon balloon
brooom car/boat
cheese cheese said when pointing at the fridge
cheese trees said when pointing at the sky
teddy teddy
allo hello
ba bath
bash brush
nee knee
buvy buffy
duck duck
dig dig as a verb or as a noun for excavators, spades, scoops, spoons or any other make-shift tool like a recorder
star star
meow cat
baa sheep
fog frog
shhhh fish
too too train
bir bird
babby baby
raarh lion
bee bee
moo cow
chair chair
door door
boo book
ba’a banana
adamana watermelon
mower mower
ha hat
ba bag
duck stuck
apoo apple
bu’ bus
ha bowl he thinks you wear a bowl on your head
ba bath
weeee wee
poo poo yes, we are potty training
ah yes
no no I’m just glad it took him a while to learn this one

Of these his favourite words are Buffy, teddy, shoes, dig-dig, mower and hat.

And having now learnt to say the “no” word, we are definitely entering the uncooperative toddler phase.

Do you remember what your children’s first and/or favourite words were when they were little?




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