Really Old Dirt

15 04 2009

When we moved into this house 5 years ago it was really very dirty.  Unlike renters, home owners have no responsibility to leave a property clean when they sell it.  So when we moved out of our rental into this house we were faced with cleaning two houses within a week.  Needless to say I only did what was necessary (like wiping out shelves and cupboards) when we moved in.  Having never cleaned an oven in my life, I cleaned two really filthy ones in the same week.  Then I gave up cleaning and got on with unpacking.

Some things got cleaned over time.  When I looked at the big dirty marks on the walls every day for long enough it started to bug me, so I cleaned them off.  Some jobs were just perpetually postponed.  And the dust continued to slowly build up every day in places unseen, like behind furniture, on top of fans, and in the window frames.

As I was attacking my bedroom windows the other day, and scraping all the dust and dirt from the tracks, I wondered if anybody else had ever done this job, or if the dirt had just been building up since the house was built 40 years ago.

And then I began pondering how much other old dirt there is in my life.

Sometimes I face sins that I need to deal with straight away before I can get on with my walk with God.  Other sins sit and stare at me until my convictions nudge me into making changes in my life.  But how much really old dirt is in my soul?  Slowly building up over time in places I can’t see (or don’t look).

So just as I’m breaking down my cleaning tasks and tackling one room at a time, one window at a time; I’m also breaking down my life and seeing what else there is that needs a good clean.

The comparison between cleaning and sanctification is quite intriguing and I’m sure I’ll reflect on it more in the future.




2 responses

19 04 2009

sounds like a great sermon illustration cat!

23 04 2009

Why the sock element in the blog title?

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