Shoe Clutter

8 05 2009

Inspired by reading this post I threw out 12 pairs of shoes today.  Now I only have 26 pairs.  My husband, who only has 10 pairs of shoes (including his slippers) thinks this is still far too many.

Some of my sparkly shoes only get worn once a year when I go to a wedding, Christmas party, etc.  Guys, of course, can just add a bit of extra spit and polish to their workday shoes and they are “dressed up”.

I also have a set of court shoes in black, navy and brown that probably won’t get worn much now that I’m not working in an office, but I’m not getting rid of them just yet.  I did concede to tossing my steel-caps, though.  I don’t think I’ll be working on-site again for quite a while.

26 pairs of shoes probably is excessive, given that for most of the day, most of the year, I don’t wear any shoes at all.  I’m lucky to live in such a beautiful climate.




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