More Rice?

27 05 2009

Ben is very adventurous and inquisitive but he’s also very accident prone with several accidents a day not uncommon.  Too smart to fall for the “kiss it better” remedy, he seems convinced that ice will heal anything.  In 50% of cases it actually does help (bumps, bruises, burns) so I let him believe that and for everything else, sucking on a piece of ice seems to soothe and settle him pretty well.

One evening recently, while I was preparing dinner and not watching him with eagle enough eyes, he managed to fall off a chair, run his car into the oven and burn his leg, and close the sliding door on his fingers.  Each wound was treated with the magic ice remedy and after the last incident he came running up to me with his fingers held out crying, “More ice! More ice!”.  I cracked up laughing.

Why?  Firstly because it’s the first time I’ve heard him use two independant words together like that (other than copying phrases like “here it is” and “i don’t know”).

But the thing that made it particularly funny was the way he sounded just like an asian waiter asking if I wanted “more rice?”  This has been a family joke for years and we always have a chuckle when we are at a Thai, Indian or Chinese restaurant and someone asks us if we want “more rice? more rice?”.  Now whenever I hear someone say that I will think of Ben’s ice obsession.

Lately, though, he’s taken preference to the star-shaped ice that comes from one of our Ikea ice trays so now he often comes running up to me requesting a “star” to make things better.




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