No Appointments Today

14 06 2011

It’s Tuesday, and for the first time in 15 weeks I don’t have a doctor’s appointment today. According to my diary this is what the last 14 Tuesdays have involved:
* Took Emma to the GP because she was spotty again (probably german measels)
* My initial appointment with the GP to discuss my fatigue and initial blood test
* My follow-up appointment with GP and referral to gastroenterologist
* Emma’s 12 month injections
* My initial appointment with gastroenterologist
* Appointment with GP to discuss Ben’s digestion problems and possible coeliac disease
* Ben’s blood test
* My gastroscopy
* Follow up appointment with gastroenterologist and confirmation of my coeliac disease
* Ben’s follow up appointment with GP and confirmation that he does not have coeliac disease
* My follow up blood tests
* Buffy’s vet checkup and injections
* My follow up bone densitomitry scan
* My follow up with GP and discussion about possible thyroid disease

I’m so thankful my Mum is on long service leave at the moment and she has been happy to look after the kids every Tuesday. It’s become my routine to drop them off and then go to an appointment. Today I didn’t have one. So I went shopping instead. Bliss!




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