Who am I?

I am the daughter of two wonderful parents, the husband of one amazing man, the mother of two beautiful children, and the friend of a few special people.

I enjoy running, scrapbooking, stamp collecting & computer gaming. Actually I rarely engage very much in any of these activities any more and find most of my spare time sapped up by social networking and surfing the internet.

I don’t enjoy cooking, cleaning, ironing, gardening, etc. But I love a job complete and I consider all of these things part of my (very underpaid) job of home manager.

I was an engineer in my pre-mum life. I’m adding that here because a lot of my personality traits can be described by that single word.

I am quite an introverted person and struggle with expressing my ideas verbally. I am blogging to give others more of an insight into the real me and also to keep up my writing skills and the thought processes involved. I don’t really mind who reads my blog. I write in in a style that I will find interesting to read back to myself in another 50 years time. If other people find it interesting or learn something new about me or my family, then that’s a bonus.


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