Dig This!

24 03 2009

Tuesday afternoon is our gardening afternoon.  Lately it has either been raining, or too hot, or we’ve had some other errands to run, so it’s been a while since I’ve spent the whole afternoon in the backyard.  I started cleaning some stuff out of the shed for the council cleanup coming up.  Ben helped by taking everything out of the shed and putting it on the lawn.  He loves playing with my tools.  Even though he has his own mower, wheelbarrow, shovel, rake, trowel and fork, nothing is as good as playing with the real thing.  As it is bin night tonight, I filled the wheelie bin with grass clippings from the ever-growing pile in the corner of the yard.  Ben helped by digging grass clippings and depositing them all over the backyard.  Then I moved onto the compost bin and, after a big tantrum over which was Mummy’s trowel and which was Ben’s, we started digging out the beautifully rich compost from the bottom and transferring it to various gardens around the house.



Not surprisingly Ben’s favourite word at the moment is “dig”, closely followed by “mower” which he shouts out whenever he sees or hears one going in the neighbourhood.  I had to stop on our walk today and explain that the “mower” he thought he could hear was actually a helicoptor.  I think it will be a while until he can say that, so until then we will have mowers flying through the sky too.